Keep tabs on everything with custom alerts

With custom location and activity alerts, you’ll always know your family’s whereabouts and about any activity at home.


Get notified when your child arrives or departs from home or school or doesn’t get home by a set time.


Be alerted to any motion around the house or if a window or door is opened.


Set alerts to be notified of major changes in air quality, temperature, or humidity.

Family safety is priority

Give your children the independence they crave without compromising their safety.

Path View

See where your child goes thoughout the day and watch the path that they take to and from locations.


Send your child a buzz from the app and they can respond with a preset message from the press of a button.


Set custom zones around home, school, and the babysitter’s house so you can be alerted when they come or go.

The alerts you want—when you want them.

Whether you're home, away, or asleep, modes ensure that you only get relevant alerts.

A little help from your friends

Forward alerts to friends and family so they can help respond to issues when you’re away.

Keep your home healthy

Make sure that your home is healthy by monitoring changes in temperature, humidity, and air quality from your phone.

Discover Tabs Parental Controls

Keep your children as safe online as they are offline by signing up for Tabs Parental Controls.


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